The BUNDABERG rum trade marks and brand assets are owned by Bundaberg Distilling Company Pty Ltd and are used on this supporter site under licence.

We wish to thank the Frangos family for their assistance with the information on this site.

Below are images of some of the merchandise from Frangos Liqueurs

Cufflinks as owned by Michael Frangos Jr. Very classy looking addition. (Click image for larger version).

Individually wrapped tooth-picks. Frangos Liqueurs was also very big on “smoking merchandise” such as matchboxes etc. (Click image for larger version)

Three different business card style as used by Frangos Liqueurs. The business card at the bottom is double sided (hence the two images side by side). The image on the rear is the logo for Black and White Scotch Whiskey, which the firm became sole Queensland distributors for in 1968. (Click images for larger versions)

Galleon Rum Coasters (click image for larger version).

“Cleopatra” Choc-Orange Liqueur Coasters. These coasters are doublesided, each side shown in the image (click image for larger version).