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The BUNDABERG rum trade marks and brand assets are owned by Bundaberg Distilling Company Pty Ltd and are used on this supporter site under licence.

We wish to thank the Frangos family for their assistance with the information on this site.

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Frangos Liqueurs, like many other businesses, also made and distributed various items of merchandise to help promote their business. Here is a list of some of the items produced.

Frangos Liqueurs, using only natural products, produced many different lines. Here is list of many of the products they produced and distributed.

The history of Frangos Liqueurs and the Frangos family is full of many interesting and amazing stories. We thank Michael Frangos Jr. For helping us preserve these remarkable facts.

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Mini Bottle Collectors?

Frangos Liqueurs had over 150 Years Tradition of Liqueur Making. Many of the stories and history of this Australian icon have been very hard to find. Bundaberg Rum Showcase presents this site, dedicated to Frangos Liqueurs. Frangos played such a significant part in many of the iconic bottles and items Bundaberg Rum collectors prize and treasure.  

Bundaberg Rum Showcase would like to thank the following people for their help and contributions to this site:

Michael Frangos Jr and other members of the Frangos family for taking the time to help provide countless photos and information

Cameron B, Graham R, Jason Larsen and other private collectors that have provided images for us of items in their personal collections.

Betty Rumography for contributing some artwork for the site.

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